How Do I Activate or Deactivate Automatic Billing? Print

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You can choose to pay your invoice(s) manually, or have us charge your credit card automatically when they become due.

Automatic Billing can be used for automatic domain renewal and keeping your hosting account or other invoices up to date.

To activate or deactivate Automatic Billing, login to your Namesonic account and look under the heading "Billing Overview". There you will see your current billing settings:

To change your current settings, click “Request to Enable or “Request to Disable” as desired and follow the instructions to submit your new settings.

Please also ensure that a valid credit card is entered into your account.

Please note that for security, your credit card’s registered billing address, must be either in your account details or alternatively you can create a billing contact for this purpose. We verify your credit card’s billing information to protect our customers from the possibility of fraud.

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