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How Do I Activate or Deactivate Automatic Domain Renewal?

Your account has 2 settings designed for the ultimate in domain renewal management.

Using both settings in tandem will ensure you never get a expiration related shutdown of any website, or disabled email service
on a domain using these settings.

We recommend you use both settings in tandem.

The settings are :

1) Auto Renew [ ENABLED ]  ( per domain setting / invoice is generated )

2) Reoccuring Billing is [ON]  ( permission has been granted to use stored credit card to apply to invoices)


#1 - Click My Domains to view the column "Auto Renew" state for each domain, either "Enabled || Disabled ".
Domain(s) that display 
"Disabled", must be manually renewed prior to their expiration date.

#2  - Click Manage Domain to access the "Auto Renew" panel section.

#3 - Click the Auto Renew tab and use the Auto Renew button ( Enable || Disable ) to change the status of the domain as appropriate.  

domain enabled for renewal setting


To pay domain invoices automatically 7 days prior to expiration activate REOCCURRING BILLING.

What to Expect :

  • Your first doman expiration notice is sent 60 days in advance.  ( no matter the settings )
  • Your domain renewal invoice is generated 30 days in advance.    << AUTO RENEW = ENABLED >>
  • Your payment via credit card is applied to that rewewal invoice 7 days before expiration. << REOCCURRING BILLING IS ON >>

    Note : Any auto generated invoice can be cancelled/revised by contacting customer support.

You can now depend 100% on Namesonic to maintain your domain(s) active. 

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