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Namesonic makes your website statistics available for you.  We use industry standard website statistics programs called AWStats and Webalizer. 

Here is how you do it:

Login to your control panel

The Websites & Domains tab displays three access areas that can relate to website statistics ( see image below "light green highlight" ) :  

1) Web Statistics  < the primary link to your stats

2) Hosting Settings < for statistics format setting

3) Password Protected Directories < to setup new users / update password access to your web statistics


 1) Hosting Settings -  Toggle the stat reporting system to use

Upon entering the Hosting Settings section, scroll down the page to "Web scripting and statistics" heading,

Use the drop selector and then click OK. 

2)  "Web Statistics"  ( Insecure Connection ? | User Login )

The  "Web Statistics" link provides immediate access to login for reports. However if your presented with a "Insecure Connection"

notice, this means your domain name has not been issued a web Security Certificate. We suggest you purchase one.

You will have to use the browser "Advanced" button feature to overide the warning message.


Login Prompt - Web Statistics ( URL : )

Once the "insecure " warning is surpassed, now your web statistics login should display.

Use your hosting/panel credentials to login. [ You can also use the "Password Protected Directories" to setup alternative logins ]

Now your statistics will be displayed. 

3) Password-Protected Directories ( for alternative user login creation )

Entering this section allows your to create/edit your protected directory settings.

If your cannot login to your web statistics, come into this section to update your username/passwords

All web statistics users/permissions are within the directory named :"/plesk-stat" 


As you can see below , by default there is only a single default user for your statistics directory, 

This corresponds to your primary hosting account user/password.  Add new users if necessary.

If you need more information about the terms used by the web stats programs, you can find them here:  AWStats Glossary |  Webalizer Glossary


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