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The ICANN Transfer Policy, formerly known as "Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy" or IRTP, sets out how domain transfers should be handled. Up until now, this policy only covered domain transfers between registrars. From December 1st, 2016, this will also cover the process of changing the registrant contact ownership of a domain from one registrant to another.

Now, small changes to a domain name's registrant first name, last name, organization, or email address may trigger a validation process before such changes are finalized.

What is the impact of this policy change?

What this means is that when you perform an update to the registered name, organisation or email address for any gTLD (non-country code) domain you own, a Change of Registrant process may be triggered. This process may involve an approval email sent to both the new and prior registrant.

The requested changes to the contact information may not take effect until the change has been approved by both parties, and following the change, the domain may enter a 60 day lock period during which it cannot be transferred or modified again. If either party fails to respond, then the change of registrant information is cancelled and the previous whois info remains the same.

What does this mean for you?

In most cases, but not all, following making a request to change the WHOIS information for your domain, both the old and the new registrant will receive an email.

This email will ask:

  • to approve or decline the Change of Registrant
  • to confirm that new Registrant information is correct

Only once both approvals have been received then the change of registrant is completed.

How does Namesonic implement this policy?

Namesonic uses multiple registrars to reduce your cost per domain and each registrar implements the policy in their own way.  We have attempted to lessen the impact on our customers but depending on which domain your registrar is with, might change how this policy is implemented across the domains in your account.

Namesonic has opted to act as a Designated Agent for some registrars, which will expedite your changes.
Your domains should not be subject to a 60 day transfer lock and may be immediately transferred to another registrar.

Other Information You Should Know

You can fully control the ability to transfer a domain between registrars using the standard "Domain Lock" mechanism.

Please read "How Do I Manage My Domains" for more information.


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