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Your account security at Namesonic is important to us.  We have implemented security policies when it comes to having us interact with your account.  These policies allows us to prevent malicious abuse attempts of our customers' websites and domains, which is a common practice on the web today.

We value protecting the online identity and intellectual property of our customers, and we hope you understand the reason for this policy.

In order for us to help our customers directly, all support requests must come from an authorized contact for the account.  To streamline the completion of your support request, you must use one of the following methods:

  • Use our Ticket System to generate your support request
  • Email us the request with your Security Word from the email address on file for your account
  • Call us and use your Security Word over the telephone

You can also have sub-accounts with unique permissions to access your account.  You must ensure that these contacts have the valid permissions before we can process any requests.

If we are unable to process your request, or you are unable to access your account, please review our Namesonic Account Recovery Guidelines for more information.

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