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If you are unable to login to your account, or don't remember your account details, there are recovery options available.  We must adhere to the Namesonic Security Policy but you can use one of the following methods so that we may better assist you in connecting you with the right account.

If you remember your acount email address:

If you remember your "Security Word"

If you remember a domain name only:

It's also possible that another Namesonic account manages your services for you.  We will attempt to connect you or contact the account holder on your behalf.  There is a period of 5 business days in which the account holder has to respond to our request for contact.  After that period of time, the account may be recovered by using the following method.

To expedite an account recovery request, we may request the following:

  • Receipt of product purchase
  • Photocopy/scan of valid government issued photo ID
  • Photocopy/scan of the front and back of CC or method used for purchase
  • Cover letter email explaining the situaton
  • Submission of a UDRP Form ( Dispute Resolution Policy )

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