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Transferring a domain to a new "Registrar" can take up to 5 calendar days to complete as per the "Transfer of Registrations" policy set out by ICANN.  A registrar transfer is not always guarenteed to be successfull!

When transferring your domain either into Namesonic, or out of Namesonic, it is important to note the following requirements, and points of interest:

Preparing for Transfer

You must login to your registrar to update and verify the following details for every domain you want to transfer:

  • Verify you're using the correct DNS servers (new hosting company?)
  • Remove WHOIS Privacy or ID Protection from the domain
  • Verify your Registrant/Administrative WHOIS contacts are up to date
  • Unlock Your Domain
  • Obtain an EPP or Authorization Code

Initiating the Transfer

Before proceeding, please ensure you have completed the steps above.  Failure to ensure you have completed the steps above may cause the transfer to be cancelled during the process.

Confirming the Transfer

For the transfer to proceed, you will receive an email that will be sent to your Registrant or Administrative WHOIS contact currently assigned to your domain. Be cautious while reading this email as your actions are required to proceed with the transfer of your domain.

  • You MUST read this email in full and act upon the instructions contained within to confirm (or deny) the transfer procedure.

During The Transfer

Once you have confirmed the transfer above, it can take up to 5 calendar days to complete. Make sure you observe the following items while you wait for the security checks to clear:

  • Do NOT make any further modifications to your domain name or the transfer may be cancelled.
  • View your transfer status here for more information

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