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How do I set up a secure IMAP email account in Thunderbird?

This article details how to configure a IMAP email account using SSL/TLS connection. You will need to have ready your domain based email address ( and password to your Namesonic webmail to complete the steps below.

1)  Start with  File > New > Get a New Mail Account... 


2) Click "Skip this and use my existing email"


3) Mail Account Setup screen

  • Enter the email address you want to send and receive mail from and the password to your mail account on Namesonic's server.
  • Your Name field will be the sender name show to others you send mail to.
  • Then click Continue


4) Thunderbird will now present a default configuration. This needs to be updated.  Note account type radio button " IMAP (remote folders)" is correctly chosen by default.

The example shows with domain name "" for illustration purposes ( use your domain ). To overide the default settings, click the "Manual config" button.


5) Set the Incomig [IMAP] and Outgoing SMTP values as shown below, using your domain. Click "Re-test" button to check your connetion. Click "Done" to save your setup.

An Alert will appear upon saving your configuration. It will contain a button "Confirm Security Exception" - you need to accept this (click) add an exception. Go ahead and click it. This alert is because Thunderbird's SSL connection to our mail server is requesting our server to find a SSL certificate issued under your domain name an none is found. You are acknowledging an exception to standard SSL detection matches is ok. Notice active checkbox "Permanently store this exception", so the alert will not appear in Thunderbird startups. 


6) Your new email account will display on the left sidbar pane of Thunderbird. You can view and update your "Server Settings" (Inbound Mail ) and "Outgoing Server" by clicking  "View settings for this account"

You should see the results as shown below (with your domain name of course) 




 Click the Outgoing Server (SMTP) to access/edit its settings. 

7) Now go ahead and send a test email. Below is an example of where we sent an email to a Gmail account and inspected the sender infomation. Notice the field  "mailed-by" value shows your domain name and the field "encryption:" show Standard (TLS)  transport layer security

And that's it! You should be good to go. Remember to "Subscribe" to the mail folders ( Sent | Junk etc ) that exist on the mail server for them to appear under your new account.



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