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How do I set up a secure IMAP email account in Android?

This article is for configuring a new email account on your Android Smart Phone using SSL connection type and IMAP protocol.

To successfully configure you must have previously activated an email address for your domain. [ How do I add an email address? ]

Additionally, you may want to consult your Namesonic welcome email for our specific Namesonic email server value ( avoids ssl warning messages )  


    1. TAP the Mail application icon shown in your application list
      then  TAP : Other ( POP3/IMAP ) as mail provider

      Android ssl imap email setup  

    2. Add account

      Enter your email address and password assigned to that email address.
      TAP Next


    3. Incoming settings

      There are several fields 

      Protocol  : TAP the bar and select IMAP

      With IMAP selected as the protocol

      Now enter the IMAP server value as :

      IMPORTANT NOTE : The next setting is Security Type, where "SSL" is selected.

      Email clients (Android Mail) can present "warning /alerts" when connecting to the server via SSL and there is no matching SSL certificate under <> found.  This is normal, simply accept the warning to create the SSL connection. To avoid these alerts, use the Incoming mail server value provided in your Namesonic "welcome" email as your IMAP server. 

      Security Type :  Tap and select SSL
      Server Port enter value 993


      HIT NEXT

    4. Outgoing server settings

      To connect with your Namesonic email server to send email to others requires the below settings.

      Login required  (checked)
      Username (email address) & Password - as setup on mail server by your mail admin.
      Security type is :  TLS ( NOT SSL )
      Server Port enter value: 587


      TAP Next to finalize the setup. 

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