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How Do I Train My Spam Filter?

Namesonic uses an industry standard spam detection methodology called SpamAssassin.  This program can also be trained using bayesian filtering based on messages that you "mark as spam". Doing this is important to "train" your spam filter to know what kinds of emails you want to accept, and what kinds are actually unwanted.

Spammers are using every tool in their arsenal, to get their spam delivered to you, so manual filtering used in conjunction with "adjusting spam filter sensitivity", is the incremental steps that are needed to combat this problem.

Training Concept

To train your spam filter, you must move any offending email into the Spam folder.  Conversely, you should move any false-reported email out of your spam folder, into the Inbox.  Our system learns once every day from the emails you have marked as spam (or not spam), and applies that knowledge to filter further incoming email.  Be sure to leave the email that you moved for 24 hours so our system can learn it.

Email Programs

Each email program is different when it comes to marking an email as spam.  You may simply use our "Webmail Service" or use an "IMAP enabled email client" ( not regular POP mail ).

  1. "Login to your webmail"

  2. Goto your INBOX and highlight the emails that are spam (hold CTRL key + click to selectively highlight between email )

    Webmail Spam highlight

  3. Now click the "Junk" button on the toolbar "Mark as spam ".  This will remove the emails from your inbox and place them into the Junk (SPAM) folder (on your sidebar). You could of course drag/drop to the Junk folder without using the Junk button.

  4. You should also browse to your Junk (SPAM) folder to inspect if any email were falsely reported as spam, and move those back in to your INBOX by again highlighting the email and then clicking the "Not Spam" button which appears on the toolbar when your viewing the Junk (SPAM) folder content. After 24 hours of time, our system will have learned the new email in your Junk (SPAM) folder, and you can empty the Junk (SPAM) folder so as to free up space on your email account.

finding Good Email inside Junk folder


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