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How Do I Setup Sub-Accounts With Unique Permissions?

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND sub-accounts be created for any multi-person account management. It is a major component of Namesonic's overall information security management system (ISMS).

If you intend to have multiple persons each assigned to manage specific aspects of your Namesonic account, say a billing contact, another for domain renewals, another to manage your website building ( but not domain management ), sub-accounts are perfect for the job. Simply check off specific limited access rules you want that account to have.

Namesonic has clients, that use this great capability to allow their clients to buy domains ( providing them a distinct login - on sub-account setup) and you act as a central manager of it all. Remember you are always the account owner and further security protocols are in place to insure that including setting up your account security word.

From your navigation bar goto : "My Account" >> "Manage Contacts" ( your at "STEP 1" below )

Below is a sample sub-account creation form. In this instance intend use is to setup a billing contact which will also become linked to the credit card ( stored under "Credit Card Details " ) used to verify credit card purchases.

As you see, "STEP 5" when "checked", reveals the permissions list you select from ( "STEP 6" ).  So upon creation of this sub-account, for this demostration, I would then switch to the "Account Details" tab and assign this sub-account as the "Default Billing Contact".

[ Note: Should all your "Manage Contacts", "Account Details" and "Credit Card Details" be all configured, perhaps now is the time to setup automated billing. ]

creating sub-accounts namesonic

The permissions are mostly self explanatory but here are some clarifications:

  • View & Manage Contacts - this allows access to view & edit all contact users belonging to the master account
  • Manage Domain Settings - this refers to being able to view & change nameservers, locking status, WHOIS information, etc...
  • View & Pay Invoices - this includes allowing access to the change credit card details page of the client area

It is important to note that multiple contacts can have the same email address when being used for email notifications only, but if activating them as a Sub-Account the email address must be unique since it will be used for the login.




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