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How do I set up my email account in Mac Mail?

  1. Launch Mail. If you have not set up an account in Mail yet, it will automatically take you to the Welcome screen. If you already have an account set up, go to File --> Add Account.

  2. From the Welcome screen, enter your name, email, and password. Make sure it is the same password as you already use to access your email. Click Continue.

    Welcome screen in Mac Mail

  3. Under Incoming Mail Server Info, do the following:

    • Select Account type POP.

      Learn difference POP vs IMAP account type.

    • In the box, type mail.[your domain]. So if your email address was, the incoming mail server would be

    • In the User Name box, enter your email address.

    • In the Password box, enter the password you use to access your email.

    Click Continue.

    Incoming server settings for Mac Mail

  1. Next, you will find the Incoming Mail Security screen. Leave Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) unchecked and set Authentication to Password. Click Continue.

    Incoming mail security settings for Mac Mail

  2. This will take you to the Outgoing Settings page. Set the Outgoing Server to mail.[your domain], the same as your incoming server. Check Use Only This Server and Use Authentication. For User Name, enter your email address and for Password enter the same password you have been using throughout this process. Click Continue.

    Outgoing server settings in Mac Mail

  3. Set Outgoing Security the same as you did for incoming, with SSL unchecked and Authentication set to Password

    Outgoing server security settings in Mac Mail

  4. After you click, it will take you to the Account Summary screen. Take a second to double-check that your information is correct. Check Take Account Online. Click Create and your email account is set up in Mail.

    Account Summary page in Mac Mail

  5. If your account is not functioning correctly, go to File-->Preferences and click on the Accounts tab. Click on Advanced and double-check that the Port number is set to 110, Use SSL is unchecked, and Authentication is set to Password.

    Advanced settings for your email account in Mac Mail

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