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How do I set up my email on an iPhone?

How to Set Up an Email Account on iPhone

  1. Tap on the Mail app to open it.

  2. If you do not already have an account set up, it will take you to the Add Account screen. If you are adding an account to Mail tap on Add Account.

  3. From the Add Account screen, tap Other

    iPhone email welcome screen

  4. This will take you to the New Account screen, where you will enter your account information:

    • Under Name, enter your own name. This is the name people will see when you send them a message.

    • Under Email, enter the email address you wish to set up.

    • Password, enter the password you already use to access this email account.

    • Under Description, enter the domain associated with this email account. so if your email address is, you will enter

    • Tap Next.

      New email account on iPhone

  1. Now you will configure your account. Start by selecting POP as the account type.

    or you can select IMAP, Learn the difference between POP vs IMAP

    Select POP on the New Account screen

    • Now enter your account details. Start with Incoming Settings:

    • Under Host Name, enter mail.[your domain]. So if your email address is, then you will enter as the Host Name.

    • Under User Name, enter your email address.

    • Under Password, enter the same password you entered at step (4).

  1. For Outgoing Settings, enter the same information as for Incoming Settings. Tap Next.

    Incoming and Outgoing server settings on your iPhone

  2. Tap Save and your phone will then verify your information.

  3. Once your iPhone has successfully completed the process, it will take you back to the Mail screen. There, you will see your account listed in the Accounts section.

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