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How Do I Update My WHOIS Contact Information

It's important to keep your WHOIS contact information up to date.  This must be done for each of your domains.

To do this, you must click onto the "Domains" from the primary menu, then "My Domains" (sub-menu item).

Now click find the domain you want to edit and click on to the "Manage" button to the right of the domain.

You can also select the "Manage Domain" dropdown arrow, and jump directly to the "Edit Contact Information" page.

Now locate the "Management Tools" menu and click on "Contact Information" as shown here:

You can now view and apply new WHOIS contact information to the domain name.  This information can be retrieved either from an existing account contact that you previous setup or you can specify custom information.  If updating multiple domains with the SAME Whois information, please read : How Do I Mass Update My Domains Whois Contacts?

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