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How Do I Add DNS Records

To add any DNS record, begin by activating "Free DNS Management" for the domain.  Upon activation, select the "Record Type" drop down menu and add the appropriate DNS values for that record type you have chosen and click onto Save Changes.

The "Priority" column is only for specifying MX (Mail eXchange) records and can be left blank for other record types.

Your changes to this list should become visible within less than an hour (to account for DNS caching).

Field Settings

When creating or managing your DNS settings you will be working with these primary fields.

Host Name

This field is for specifying the host name or "sub-domain" that you are pointing to an IP address.  It is important that you DO NOT specify your whole domain name.

Here is a short list of the most commonly used host names:

  • *     -      All sub-domains (acts like a wildcard)
  • @    -      No sub-domain ( )
  • www  -   The main website address (

Record Type

The type of DNS record that you are creating.  We offer management of all the available DNS types.  If you need a specific configuration, please ask.


This is the specific DNS data that your record type is requesting.  For example, and "A" record requires an IP address.  A "URL Redirect" record requires a website URL like


This field is only used for "MX (Mail)" record types.  It is used for configuring the routing of your email to your email service provider.  You can leave this field blank for all other record types.

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