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Free DNS Management

This is a free service that can be used to control your DNS records for each of your domain names. Most commonly, this service is used when your domain name is not being hosted with anyone and yet you still need to control your DNS records.


By activating the FREE DNS Management feature, your existing DNS servers will be changed to Namesonic's FREE DNS servers.  All existing DNS records you may have created/stored elsewhere at another DNS service provider will stop working.

YOU MUST RECREATE ANY DNS RECORDS you want to remain active while using our FREE DNS service.

From the domain list, click the "Manage Domain" button, now navigate to the "Addons" tab, where you will see "DNS Host Record Management".  Click the Buy Now button


This service is then enabled by our technical support staff who ensures that your domain is pointing to our default nameservers and the records that you require are setup.


Once this option is enabled, you will see a new setting appear under "Management Tools" called "Manage DNS".  Click onto this option, and you will be presented with the DNS interface that shows all DNS records for your domain name.

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